Tips & Tricks: Disabling Control Over Remote Mouse


Did you know that Techinline offers a shortcut command for disabling control over the remote computer’s mouse? I’m sure many of you have come across situations where you need to navigate out of a running remote session while the client is working on their machine. Normally, this would require taking control of the client’s mouse and minimizing the Remote Control window. However, if the client is using the mouse, this may cause some disruption and fighting over control of their mouse cursor.

Rather than disrupting the client and dragging their mouse away from them, simply use the Ctrl-Alt-Home shortcut combination to “unlock” control over the remote mouse cursor. Then, use your local mouse cursor to minimize the Remote Control window and return to your local desktop. This “behind the scenes” approach will ensure that you’re able to navigate out of a remote session while the client maintains full control over their mouse in the process.

In order to regain control over the remote mouse, simply click anywhere on the remote screen.


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