Top Tips for Tech Support Companies


Strategies for Help Desk Professionals

Tech support is one of those professions where an expert can face exasperating questions, angry recriminations, and effusive gratitude – from the same person – all over the course of a few minutes! It’s a challenging job, but when performed by skilled and empathetic individuals, remote IT support can be a lifesaving service for users.

But what makes an exceptional tech support representative? Individuals who succeed in this field typically possess these 4 positive qualities:

  • Patience. Many of the customers calling in to tech support lines are already frustrated or confused. Reps need to take time to listen fully to questions or complaints before replying. You need to understand the predicament first and maintain a calm demeanor that helps callers stay calm as well.
  • Assertiveness. The goal of tech support is to help individuals solve problems. When the scope of the call falls outside of that arena, or when the customer becomes excessively abusive, the rep should politely but firmly redirect the call or disconnect if necessary.
  • Creativity. The rep should strive to envision the many causes and solutions for the customer’s possible problems.
  • Empathy/Compassion. Most importantly, tech support representatives should strive to have empathy for customers, even when they’re difficult: be effective and courteous.

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