How to Track and Manage IT Passwords


Password Tips for Help Desk Professionals

Maybe you’re searching for remote assistant software to enhance the security and reliability of data transfers. Or maybe you’re frenzied, researching IT support tools because someone recently hacked into a key customer database. You’re worried about losing that account (and that customer’s trust) and you want to prevent similar breaches in the future.

You want a clear, simple a way to track and manage your IT passwords.

Even the top minds in IT and cryptography sometimes struggle to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. But these tech wizards do have valuable insights than can make your situation easier.

Experts are split about whether it’s okay to store encrypted passwords in the cloud. To play it safe, store complex original passwords in a physically safe container, such as a special USB key that you keep in secure location.

You might think that just typing a long string of random numbers, letters and capitalized letters would be enough to stop hackers. But many password hackers are innovative and brilliant, and their skills are enhanced by modern computing power.

The moral is: you need to change passwords with some frequency for online security. But how should you go about this task. One clever cryptography blog post (that recently went viral) proposed a pretty cool insight about how to do this. Instead of typing just a string of numbers and letters, come up with a hidden message or affirmation.

For instance, let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds before your 10 year college reunion. Just write “I will lose 10 pounds before reunion” in code, as a string of upper case and lower case letters and numbers, and use it as your password. For instance: “IwiLLLose10lbsb4reUnion.”

In other words, make your passwords into affirmations, so you can remember them better and get a boost from typing them out.

Remote Access Software for IT Pros

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