Techinline Update 3.2.0: What To Look For


We’re excited to announce the release of a new Techinline Version 3.2.0!

Although this update does not contain any new “tangible” features, it includes a long-awaited fix for running Techinline on machines with low-end graphic adapters that are most prevalent on Windows Servers.

Some of you may have encountered or reported a significant degree of latency when connecting to certain Windows Servers machines in the past. Based on feedback, delays from mouse-click to response were in the range of 3-5 seconds on average. We’ve found that this lag was caused by low-end graphic adapters such as Matrox G200 or ASpeed 1100. These performance issues were also covered in a previous Techinline blog post.

Our developers have identified the source of this problem and were able to successfully resolve it. As a result, Techinline’s response-time and overall performance on Windows Server machines has been significantly improved and the aforementioned delays have been practically eliminated.

Another useful enhancement in Version 3.2.0 is the option to copy the Techinline Client links from the Expert interface to Clipboard (previously these files could only be saved). The added “Copy to Clipboard” buttons are displayed below:

This latest update also contains several other minor bug fixes and corrections.

The Techinline team is actively working on enhancing Techinline’s functionality and performance, and as a result, our users should see more updates and improvements headed their way in the near future! Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts about Techinline’s newest release with us.

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