Advantages of Providing Remote Tech Support


Your business already has way too much overhead; you’re searching for ways to trim down costs – possibly by trying to connect computers remotely or using a desktop support service. On the one hand, you appreciate having staff in-house. On the other hand, you know there has to be a better way to free up resources and concentrate on the tasks that really matter for your business. Using a remote desktop service allows you to boost the productivity of your team while saving time and money. Here’s how it works:

Increased Profit and Efficiency

Let’s say you use an untrained (or moderately trained) team in-house to do critical IT work. You must pay them their normal rate, even if it takes hours to handle a particular process that a more experienced technician could achieve in just a half hour. With remote desktop tech support, you can increase productivity by significantly reducing the travel time of your technicians, thus freeing them up to do more work. With more hands on deck, you’ll maximize profits by being able to work on multiple jobs at the same time.

More Customers

Most onsite technicians have limited to a specific service area. With remote support, geographic barriers no longer apply, as long as the client has access to an internet connection. You’ll be able to take on more customers and increase revenue without seeing an increase in cost.

Better Security

One key to running a successful business is hedging against big mistakes that could shut down operations like a major hacking or data loss event. You need to protect your company against the breakdown of your computer network, which could jeopardize multiple client accounts. Getting remote support allows you to protect your data offsite AND have someone else on call to assist in the event of a major tech emergency.

Access to Resources and Maintenance

Additionally, a good support team can set up maintenance systems to improve what you’re doing and make adjustments based on new technology, client needs, new risks and new opportunities. You won’t have to “go it alone.” You’ll have an experienced team — one that’s handled many accounts just like yours — to walk you through the rough spots, help you transition to new and better technologies and save you the agony of trying to figure things out from scratch.


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