Deploying Techinline Client App as an MSI


We received several inquiries about the capability of automatically installing the Techinline Client application on multiple machines within a specific environment or without manually connecting to the Client’s machine. Such automated installations are very useful when the Techinline Client app needs to be installed on multiple computers. Rather than manually installing Techinline on each individual machine, the Client application can be deployed either via Group Policy or as an MSI by doing the following:

1)Download the TechinlineClient.MSI using the following link: The file will be downloaded as an MSI.

2)The MSI can then be installed using the following command: “msiexec.exe /i TechinlineClient.msi”

Apart from the above mandatory parameters, you may also add any other parameters that may be needed. Please contact us in case you have any questions or require additional assistance.

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