Techinline and LogMeIn’s Decision to Discountiue Its Free Offering


The entire remote desktop software industry surely was in for a surprise on Monday morning with LogMeIn announcing its decision to pull the plug on its long-time Free offering. This sudden decision and painfully brief 7-day grace period which LogMeIn has offered for migrating their Free users over to LogMeIn Central and other commercial use products has stirred up quite a bit of debate and criticism.

Without getting too involved into the details and business politics of what may have convinced LogMeIn to make this unpopular decision, we at Techinline would like to play our part in accommodating any former LogMeIn Free users and offer our application as a viable alternative while summarizing some of the benefits that they would enjoy:

1)Reasonable and flexible pricing: Techinline is priced at literally a fraction of LogMeIn’s commercial-use products (ie Central, Rescue, etc) that LMI has suggested migrating to.  Furthermore, we offer a unique “pay as you go” pricing model which is specifically designed for sporadic or personal use. The pricing factor particularly makes Techinline an attractive solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

2)Unlimited On-Demand Remote Support:  Avoid any “per computer” costs, as a single Techinline license allows you to support an unlimited number of customers. Your account also allows you to configure up to 100 client machines for unattended access.

3)Simple and Intuitive Connection Process: Connect to your Client in seconds without the need to perform any installations in the process. Techinline’s connection process consists of 3 simple steps, ensuring that you will not encounter any issues in getting connected to clients even with limited IT knowledge.

4)Fast & Responsive Customer Service: Techinline takes pride in its “personal” approach to customer handling and support. Our existing clients will certainly confirm that Techinline is always responsive and efficient when it comes to dealing with various issues. Experience this yourself by contacting Techinline today and discussing how our product can suit your needs with one of our reps!

5)Robust Functionality and Performance: Techinline delivers a number of valuable features for enhancing your remote support experience.

We welcome those out there currently on the search for an alternative to LogMeIn to speak to one of our staff members today and discover whether Techinline is the right fit for your needs. You may also introduce better yourself to Techinline and its capabilities by registering for a fully-featured 15-day free trial.


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