Using Techinline’s Client Desktop Vs Browser App: When Is One Better Than The Other?


As most of our users already know, Techinline offers 2 methods for running the Techinline application on the Client’s end:

Browser application: involves loading a browser plug-in

Desktop application: involves clicking a large, green “Run Desktop Application” button to run an executable file

We’ve been asked on several occasions about which of the 2 options we would recommend directing the Clients to and whether there are absolutely any differences in Techinline’s performance in using the browser versus the desktop app.

The truth is that both the browser and desktop apps offer the same exact functionality, features, and performance. Therefore, neither the Client nor the Expert will experience any differences in performance or response-time when using either of the 2 available options.

However, there are certain situations or scenarios in which you may find that one of the two options is preferred over the other for your Client. Let’s examine some of these scenarios and determine which option should be used in similar circumstances in the future:

Browser application: Although following instructions for running a browser plug-in (instructions for running Techinline’s Client add-on for all supported browsers are available here) may prove to be a not-so straightforward procedure for some clients as one would think, there are certain advantages of using the browser option. First of all, certain clients will prefer to avoid running or installing any executable files on their computers. The plug-in is simply added to the client’s browser and stored “behind the scenes”, rather than an .exe file being added to their desktop or Downloads folder. As a result, the browser app is certainly the “go to” option for dealing with clients who would rather avoid constantly seeing obvious traces of 3rd party software on their computer.

Probably the main advantage of using the browser app is that the plug-in installation is only required when the Client runs Techinline for the very first time. Once the Techinline plug-in is added, the Client will be taken directly to the Client ID whenever they run Techinline again in the future.  As a result, if you expect to connect to this particular machine again or support this client on a consistent basis, it may be more convenient to have them once go through the plug-in installation and streamline the connection process for all future support sessions.

Desktop application: As we all know, clients seeking technical assistance are not usually considered to be the most computer advanced users in the first place. Therefore, following even the most straightforward on-screen plug-in installation instructions may prove to be a difficult task for such clients. In this case, Techinline’s desktop app will prove to be the ideal option: all that the Client has to do is click on a large, green “Run Desktop application” button on the installation page to obtain a Client ID and join the remote session.

It should be mentioned that the desktop application needs to be run each time (unlike the browser add-on), which implies that you may want to avoid using this option when supporting your regular, consistent clients.  The desktop app should prove to be a more appealing option for supporting a “one-off” Client whom you will most likely not have to deal with again in the near future.

Since Techinline’s browser app involves using the browser, closing or restarting the browser will result in a termination of the remote session. The desktop app, on the other hand, runs independently of any browser and should be used whenever you expect to work with the Client’s web browser during the support session (such as installing browser apps, running browser updates, etc). This will allow you to maintain the support session while closing and restarting any browser windows on the remote computer.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the desktop and browser apps were designed to be used interchangeably in order to provide the Client with multiple options for starting Techinline. If you find that the Client is for any reason having difficulty using one option, you can always direct them to the alternative method to generate a Client ID and start the support session.

The desktop app is probably considered to be the more straightforward and simple option of the two available methods. On the other hand, the primary advantages of using the browser app are that it only needs to be installed once and that it operates “behind the scenes” within the Client’s web browser unlike an .exe file which is stored in a visible location on their computer.

The browser app should be used for your regular clients and those who prefer not seeing 3rd party software being installed on their computers. The desktop app is more appropriate for one-off support cases and Clients with limited computer knowledge who may find it difficult to understand instructions for otherwise loading a web plug-in.

I sincerely hope that this brief analysis helps our clients utilize both Techinline connection methods to their outmost advantage!

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