Analyzing the 6 Most Important Features in a Remote Desktop Application (Part 6): Support of the User Account Control on Latest Windows Operating Systems


This feature is absolutely essential in the “post-Windows XP” era. Almost any operation on a Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista machine requires administrator privileges and User Account Control permissions, and the technician would be absolutely stuck without being able to view and control the remote client’s User Account Control dialogs. Without the tech’s ability to control these dialogs remotely, the client would otherwise be required to sit in front of their computer during a support session and manually grant permission to each operation that triggers a User Account Control prompt. This would not only be inconvenient for users on both ends of the remote session, but also significantly delay the support assignment and its resolution.

Although this analysis is by no means an exhaustive summary of features that one would like to see in a remote support application, getting by without the described 6 features will certainly prove tough, if not impossible, for an IT pro looking to deliver an effective level of technical support to their clients.

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