Analyzing the 6 Most Important Features in a Remote Desktop Application (Part 3): Unattended Access to a Remote Computer


A technician will very often be called upon to connect to a Client’s computer without anyone being physically present at the remote end. This may be required if the client’s computer is only available during non-business hours, or if the technician has a contract to perform periodic maintenance checks on clients’ machines. This increased convenience and flexibility is made possible by an unattended access function. This functionality may also come in handy if the technician has to support specific clients on a regular basis. Rather than having to constantly disrupt the client to grant control of their computer and repeatedly walk them through the connection process, the tech is able to configure a “permanent” unattended connection to the client’s computer.  This provides them with “single-click” access to the client’s computer at any time of the day and helps streamline the entire support process. This connection approach also ensures that the tech is able to provide remote assistance at any time they choose and not worry about the client being present at the remote end.

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