Analyzing the 6 Most Important Features in a Remote Desktop Application (Part 1): File & Clipboard Transfer


In our ongoing development efforts to expand Techinline’s feature-set and functionality, we’ve been inspired to discuss the 6 most essential features that any remote desktop application should deliver. This analysis is first and foremost based on feedback and suggestions made by Techinline’s users over the years, and therefore should reflect a standard IT professional’s own “must-have” list for choosing a remote desktop application.

File & Clipboard Transfer

This is an absolute must-have, as a technician often needs to install applications or replace a corrupted or outdated configuration file on the remote client’s computer. A clipboard sharing feature is essential for tasks such as copying scripts or commands to the remote computer or an error message from the client’s computer.

In the absence of file/clipboard sharing capability, the tech would have to rely on 3rd party tools or email communication, which can significantly disrupt or delay the support session and incident resolution. Having built-in file and clipboard sharing capability is critical for being able to deliver an effective level of technical support to a remote client.

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