How Chrome’s Recent Extensions Policy Change Has Effected Techinline Users


Update on August 7th: Techinline’s plug-ins have been approved by Google and added to the Chrome Web Store. As a result, the problem described in the blog post below is now resolved.

We would like to inform all Techinline users that yesterday, August 1st, Google publicly released its latest version (21) of the Google Chrome browser. This update was initially planned for the middle of August, but as it turns out Version 21 was released roughly 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Chrome’s latest version contains a major policy change concerning plug-in installations. Specifically, starting with Version 21 all browser plug-ins must now be loaded from the Chrome Web Store. Additional information about this requirement is available on Google’s website.

Techinline’s plug-ins are currently available on our servers, and therefore users of the newest Chrome version are unable to install them. At the same time, those who have already previously installed a Techinline plug-in for their Chrome browser are able to continue using Techinline without any issues whatsoever.

In our efforts to resolve this problem, Techinline uploaded its Chrome plug-ins to the Chrome Web Store last month. However, they are still currently pending Google’s approval. As it stands, we are awaiting Google’s approval for nearly two weeks and do not have an estimate of when this will take place given that this process is entirely in the hands of Google’s Review Team. Unfortunately, Google does not provide us with any updates on the status of when (and if) we should expect our plug-ins to be approved. It’s quite possible that Google may actually request some additional information about the Techinline application, which will further delay the processing turn-around.

We recommend using the following temporary “work-arounds” until Techinline’s plug-ins are finally added to the Chrome Web Store:

  1. Upon running Techinline in the Chrome 21 browser, you will receive a message stating that the plug-in installation is currently unavailable along with a large, green “Run Desktop Application” button. This button downloads a file (either TechinlineClient.exe or TechinlineExpert.exe) which launches the Techinline Desktop Application. The Desktop Application is automatically deleted from your computer following the Techinline session. (The downloaded file will remain on your computer and may either be deleted or used to start future Techinline sessions).
  2. You may use an alternative browser – either  Firefox or Internet Explorer.

We’re confident that this is a temporary issue and that Techinline’s plug-ins will soon be published in the Chrome Web Store, albeit with Google’s assistance. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding and patience.

We urge all users to contact us with their feedback, questions, or suggestions.

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