Video Session Recording on Techinline’s Horizon


We’ve been contacted by several clients in the recent days about Techinline’s plans to add a video session recording feature. I’m pleased to announce that video recording is already in the works and sh0uld be released around the start of September. 

While the dust still hasn’t settled on Techinline’s recent major Safe-Mode reboot upgrade and last week’s Ctrl-Alt-Del update, Techinline’s development team has already started working on a video recording feature. These development efforts will be followed by a brief testing period, after which the feature will be publicly released. If all goes according to plan during our development and testing stages, we expect the video recording functionality to be available by the start of fall.

Although it is too early to discuss the details of how this feature will be integrated into Techinline’s existing interface and feature-set, it is certain that the recorded video will be stored in WMA format.

We have several other valuable and exciting enhancements planned for the coming months, and therefore ask our readers and valued clients to stay tuned for further updates on Techinline development efforts. We also urge users to contact us with feedback and suggestions on features that they would like to see added in our future updates.


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