How User Feedback Helps Us Improve the Techinline Application


I’ve been inspired yet again to write another “success story” about the importance of communication between Techinline’s Support team and our valued users, and the essential role this plays in our mutual success.

Several days ago, we were contacted by a user who encountered some strange behavior with mouse movement during a Techinline session.He described that while controlling the client’s computer, the remote mouse cursor would occasionally jump and move erratically on the client’s screen.

The client first submitted a brief email to Techinline’s Support Team describing this issue and requesting that it be investigated further. Before getting too far ahead, it should be noted that we never overlook such reports no matter how isolated or unusual they appear at first. Our support team contacted the client in order to collect more information about their configuration, system specifics, and recent installs and updates. We also asked the client to generate and provide us with their Techinline log files.

During this troubleshooting process, we found that the client recently installed a Hewlett Packard printer and accompanying software. Our support team installed this software within our local environment and tested it while simultaneously running Techinline.

It turns out that one of the modules included in the printer’s software package may periodically send empty mouse commands which interfere with Techinline’s mouse capturing algorithm. This conflict resulted in erratic mouse movement during Techinline’s Remote Desktop Control operation.

We were able to perform some minor changes to Techinline’s mouse movement algorithm within our code, which completely fixed the mouse movement issue not only for this particular HP product, but also any application which behaves in the same manner.

Techinline’s development and testing teams make a constant effort to thoroughly test our product internally for any possible performance glitches and bugs. However, as one can understand, issues such as the one described above are almost impossible to uncover due to their “local” nature and the fact that they also involve another third-party product. We expect that this specific issue effected very few users, and therefore it is likely that this problem would still exist had it not been brought to our attention by that particular individual. This is yet another perfect example of how such straightforward and simple communication can help enhance Techinline’s overall performance, reliability, and usability. Clearly, this is a win-win situation for both Techinline and our users.

I would like to urge Techinline’s customers to contact us immediately should they ever observe even the slightest abnormal behavior with Techinline’s performance. Don’t sit around and wait for others to report such issues, as they may very well be limited to your local environment or configuration. We in turn guarantee to always investigate all technical errors reported to us, no matter how minor or “local” they appear to be. We will always respond and provide either immediate troubleshooting instructions or request specific information to further investigate such issues.

I’m 100% sure that a number of users who have had experience of dealing with Techinline’s Support team over the years agree that we ALWAYS resolve technical issues brought to our attention. Therefore, we urge everyone to be an active member of the Techinline community and help us maintain a valuable and reliable solution for your remote support needs!

Our Support Team can be contacted at or directly from the Support Menu form found on the Techinline Expert interface. Furthermore, please do not hesitate to use our phone lines to report any issues or recommendations that you may have at any point.


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