Lifetime License vs Subscription Model – Which is More Appropriate?


We often receive feedback from existing and potential clients wondering why Techinline does not offer a lifetime license plan. Therefore, we’d like to take a minute and discuss this topic in order to present the advantages of our subscription model versus a so-called lifetime license.

The term “lifetime license” should imply that you’re able to use the purchased product for an unlimited period. This should literally mean that you may use it forever and not worry about being confronted with any additional fees at some later point.  However, is there any “eternal” product in the IT industry? One can’t argue that the IT world is rapidly changing. The most stable and well-known products release upgrades and newer versions that correspond to the latest technological tendencies. That is why it’s fair to make a conclusion that the term “lifetime license” is a myth in our industry.

Several remote support/desktop software vendors falsely market lifetime licenses for their products. They state on their websites that a purchased license can be used forever. We looked further into this pricing scheme and found that such products come with far less obvious hidden fees and upgrade policies. To be specific, once a new product version is released, the user is given the choice of either staying with the initially purchased version or paying in order to be upgraded to a more recent release. In most cases, the versions are released roughly once a year and involve a significant upgrade fee.

If you don’t pay for a house renovation, you’re putting yourself at risk of a leaking roof many years down the road. In the fast-paced IT industry, the negative results will be encountered much sooner. Imagine a situation where you’re unable to support a client due to an outdated remote support tool which no longer supports the latest browser version or Operating System. Obviously, being left with an outdated and unreliable remote support solution will not reflect positively on the bottom-line of your business.

In our opinion, such pricing policy should be looked at as a “hidden” subscription which involves additional fees rather than a one-time purchased lifetime license. Therefore, please take the time to investigate the upgrade policies and additional costs that the lifetime vendor offers. We will not name the vendors, but nevertheless warn about the potential drawbacks of such pricing policies.

On the other hand, Techinline’s subscription-based pricing model guarantees regular product updates and improvements at no extra cost, responsive customer support, and compatibility with the latest IT developments. Essentially, your money is invested in the on-going maintenance and improvement of the Techinline application, which in turn delivers add-on value to your business and improves its bottom line. We welcome all readers to participate in a discussion on this topic and share their thoughts on which pricing model they find to be most reasonable. You may also refer to our Buy Now page for a summary of Techinline’s pricing options.

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